Khadi Sweet Almond Oil Review

Khadi Sweet Almond Oil Review

Though I am blessed with pretty thick hair on my head, my eyebrows are very weird (and sometimes my salon lady makes it worse. Seriously, how many of us have found a parlour lady who does the eyebrows perfectly? Not me :( ). For some reason my lower lashes were non existent. Did you notice the “were“? Yesss! Today I am spilling the beans, Khadi Sweet Almond Oil. Keep reading :)

Khadi Sweet Almond Oil

Product Description

Khadi’s pure sweet almond oil pressed out of fresh sweet almonds contains glycosides, minerals, vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 & E. Rich in protein.
Good for skin & hair care.
Low density of almond oil absorbs quickly in all skin types.
Relieves itching, dryness, inflammation, dandruff & all types of spots & pimples.
It is a good massage oil, strengthen brain & nervous system.Prevents muscular pain and softens skin. An excellent baby massage oil.

Khadi Sweet Almond Oil

Price- INR 270 for 100 ml.

Packaging- The almond oil is packed in a clear plastic bottle. I always prefer plastic bottles over glass ones for the obvious reason :P Plus, it helps in recycling so good for environment too.

Khadi Sweet Almond Oil

Texture- The oil is neither too thick nor too runny. The texture of the almond oil is between (lighter than) olive oil and (thicker than) coconut oil.

Khadi Sweet Almond Oil

I have already mentioned a few times previously that I love oils and if it is a natural, the better. Though I have used quite a number of oils for hair and thankfully, it always produced good results. But I was looking for an oil which was particularly helpful for my eyebrows and eyelashes. I found my saviour :) I take a couple of drops of almond oil in center of my palm and dip my ring finger into it. I, then, massage my lash line (both upper & lower) & eyebrows very gently and leave it overnight. I am jumping with joy while I write this. My non existent lower lashes are now quite visible and longer :) I so much wanted to show you all the before and after picture but for some reason I cant photograph my eyes. Trust me, I tried from few different angles but I couldn’t make it look presentable enough to publish. But I promise you that I will show you a close up in my next OOTD :)

I also use few drops under my eyes. By the way I developed wrinkles under my eyes after few disastrous experience with retinol based eye creams. I am allergic to retinol but I learnt the hard way :( Anyways, so I use almond oil under my eyes too. My under eye is definitely getting better. Wrinkles dont get filled overnight unless its botox. So I am patient enough to use it for a period of time for complete results. The results it is showing on my under-eye wrinkles for this price is a true miracle, I tell you.

There is one more great use I have found of this. To reduce my lip pigmentation. I use few drops of the oil on my lips before sleeping and my lip pigmentation is almost gone :) I didn’t have very dark pigmentation to begin with but it had started to show up. Keeping this in mind, I am definitely going to use this oil on my face pigmentation before bed in winters.

Pros: –
1. Made my eyelashes longer & stronger.
2. Helps to reduce wrinkles.
3. Reduce pigmentation.
4. Dirt cheap.
5. Natural product.

Cons: –
Are you kidding me?

I can’t recommend this product higher! It is a true miracle!

P.S. I recommended this wonder oil to my blogger friend Radha from IndianBeautyZone . She also uses it and love it as much I do :)

God Bless!


  1. says

    I agree dear!! Almond oil is very beneficial. I have used it to massage my body and it adds a glow. I use castor oil for my eyelashes. it works well too! Great post dear.. :)

  2. says

    wow girl you revealed all our secrets ;) hehehehe yeah I started using it now regularly :D will reveal my experience soon :D
    Thanks a lot for the reco dear <3 <3

    • says

      He he :P I also used it for one complete month before I reviewed it. It is such an amazing find that I couldn’t hold myself any more ;) Waiting to read your experience dear <3

  3. says

    I am currently using the Patanjali almond oil and Dabur Badaam roghan, will try this one too, these two oils are much cheaper than Khadi almond oil….

  4. says

    I have not used almond oil for my skin untill now, nice reviews. Also I never knew that people are sensitive to retinol and they enhance wrinkles. That why people say better to use herbal products.

    • says

      True Shikha, it is always best to stick to herbal products as much as you can but blogging makes us all test a lot of products. I just encountered the worst case scenario regarding the retinol eye creams :( :( :( I learnt my lesson and I am not bringing any chemicals near my eyes now ;) Hence, almond oil!
      Thanks <3

  5. says

    I have been using for it removing eye makeup as of now..occasionally on hair too…
    other than that i dint knw abt the other uses of it :)

  6. says

    hi i am venkat
    presently my hair strong
    but my skin is little dark
    i can use this for my face in to changing for white
    is it useful
    or is it their any other products avilable in almonds
    please suggest how can i improve my skin color
    and how to use this to my skin

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