Erytop Gel For Topical Treatment of Acne Review

Erytop Gel For Topical Treatment of Acne Review

I have very troubled skin. There, I said it! Acne-prone, extremely sensitive, a mood of its own are the few characteristics of my skin. The last time I consulted a dermatologist, he recommended Erytop Gel for my active acne. I have decided to review a medication so you know there is something special about it. Keep reading to know the same :)

erytop gel

Price- It is between INR 80-100 for 20 gm. Sorry don’t know the exact price :(

Disclaimer- Erytop Gel was advised to me by my doctor. I would suggest you to please consult your dermatologist before using it. I am sharing my experiences and I am not recommending this medication to you.

erytop gel

After much internet research and lot of sessions with my dermatologist, I have concluded that I have cystic acne. Cystic acne has pus and it is very painful :(

erytop gel

I have made a lot of changes in my lifestyle and thankfully now my acne is under control. However, I still get acne here and there. And the only gel/cream which has come to my rescue is erytop gel.

It is a orange colored gel prescribed by my dermatologist. I use this gel on my active acne and sleep on it.

erytop gel

It not only helps to dry my acne, it also reduces the pain. It takes 2-3 days to completely kill the acne with minimal scarring. I have tried a lot of other medicated stuff as well but they never worked as good as erytop. Most of the anti acne stuff dries out the skin terribly. It doesn’t happen with Erytop. I always have this gel in my stash.

This gel is not supposed to be exposed to sunlight. Thats why I use it only at night.

Pros: -
1. Affordable.
2. Dries out the pus.
3. Kills the pain.
4. Leaves minimal scarring.
5. Doesn’t over dry the skin.

Cons: -
1. None.

Erytop gel is an important part in my skincare routine for acne. Please consult your doctor about further information.

God Bless!

Preeti Kaur


  1. I use the lotion..which is clear like water..this really works :) Have been using wenever I break out..from the last 3-4 years..

  2. i have severe acne on.my forehead.. doctor has prescribed me to use erytop a gel on my whole face during nite.. i hv been using it for ten days but till now i see no result.. m very depressed coz of them. plz help me to get rid of it

    • Varsha, I will suggest you to go back to the same dermatologist and explain him/her the situation. She/he might need to prescribe another medication. For me, it has worked very well. But different things work differently on different skins.

  3. Hi . . .i have pimples,darkspots and acne scars . .used many creams but no result . . .does this lotio works to me??

  4. I have been using erytop gel for my pimples . .now my acne is undercontrol . . I have also darkspots and acne scars . . .can i use erytop lotion for blackspots ?

  5. Mam I have pimple black marks on my face will this erytop gel works and my skin type is oily and how much time it would take to go?

  6. Mam I have pimple black marks on my face will this erytop gel works and my skin type is oily and how much time it would take to go? and I have used many medicines suggested by doctors, but still no use?

  7. Erytop gel is really good for pimples when nothing else worked erytop did … I jst wanted to know does d marks of pimples also go with d use of erytop gel ?

  8. i have scars on my face
    just wanted to know does marks of pimples also go pls tell
    lotion is best or cream is best
    which one is good????

  9. mam …. i have pimles … dark spot this cream move my .. pimple darkspot .. “)

  10. mam, I’ve very few pimples and acne on my skin and more acquired in middle of chick on face , then plz suggest me any cream and give me also to prevent oily skin plz plz plz plz cure it

  11. i have started to use dis cream from last one month and result is not good i also suggest my friend, but same result from there also

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